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But the mayor and governor of New York should for all they did and did not do. Only through meticulous planning was Trump able to curb the coronavirus and save 10s of thousands of lives.  Well there you go, Trump never closed any city’s so he won’t be opening either and that will be up to Governors and Mayor’s but I guess that doesn’t matter to the clueless when making a comment. But I’ll tell u my father died of influenza and the country didn’t stop.

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If you have a Gmail account, Computer or smartphone & 2hours daily with your little investment no commission needed you can make $2000 in 2days weekly. Ask meI think Kenny has been stuck inside with his cats a little too long. Hopefully your dogs can keep you company as the United States falls deeper into this mess in the coming weeks. I pray every day for my fellow soldiers that are in harm’s way that they remain strong. He needs to handle it as a contrast to the daily briefings, by showing management abilities, providing both facts and comfort, using data, and deferring to experts. LOLI love that we recognize the selfless medical staff, but what about the janitors, laundry workers and others working in hospitals making far less money yet facing equal risks.

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