Yorkshire Terrier I’m telling you I’m not a dog my mom said I’m a baby shirt

She was missing a small amount, I think 0.55. The mom gets angry and starts cussing her daughter out in French (she basically called her a f*cking pain in the ass) and slammed a few dimes on the counter. She shoves her daughter aside, smacks her cheek and says something like “I told you I wasn’t paying for you, stupid!”.. My jaw dropped and the girl burst into tears. I felt horrible for the girl and wanted to hug her. They left with the mom still shoving her around and cussing her out. The girl would probably be 18–20 by now, and I hope she was able to get as far away as possible from her toxic mother.

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Most of the time it was all junk that the previous owner didn’t want either so I just tossed it. Now one time I bought a car and then went on vacation out of town for a couple of weeks. This was years ago when we all had answering machines. I checked the messages and had about 10 or so from the girl I bought it from saying she just had to come over and get some things out. Each call sounded more desperate than the last. The last call she was pleading with the machine for me to pick up. Finally able to call her back and met her at a local store. Come to find out she had forgotten her book bag with her thesis paper in the trunk. I cannot even describe how grateful she was. There was some other book bags in there and she said I could have whatever is in them since they belonged to her ex. Most of it was junk but he left what we now call a range bag.

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