Yorkshire Terrier I’m telling you I’m not a dog my mom said I’m a baby shirt

This happened about 10 years ago, and I still remember to this day. I was working as a cashier at a grocery store, when a mother and her preteen daughter came to my register. The mother seemed to be in a bad mood, huffing & puffing, cussing under her breath, while her daughter was all smiles. She was holding a little purse in one hand and a magazine in another. She was going to buy the magazine with her own money and seemed proud to do so. She started taking coins out of the purse and counting, while the mom rushed her. I kept smiling at the girl and helped her count the change. 

Yorkshire Terrier I’m telling you I’m not a dog my mom said I’m a baby shirt

Sloth hiking team we will get there when we get there shirt

Silence is golden unless you have a Yorkshire Terrier shirt

Senior class of 2021 always keep your face to the sun shirt

Pretty Jeep girl shirt

Librarian The original search engine shirt

Jeep give me the beat boys and free my soul I want to get lost in your Rock and Roll shirt

It’s okay If you don’t like Archery not anyone has good Taste shirt

Independence Day Just a woman who loves red white blue and Dachshund shirt

Independence Day America Let’s be honest I was crazy before the Dachshund shirt

Funny Dachshund Love bites shirt

Dachshund It’s not a dad bod It’s a father figure shirt

Dachshund I like dogs and wine and maybe 3 people shirt

Chicken pastor half hood half holy that means pray with me don’t play with me shirt

Black cat nurse ipotizzare che fossi solo una vecchia vintage shirt

And I think to myself what a wonderful Weld shirt

Happy Father’s day to the best Dachshund dad shirt

I have OJD obesessive Jeep disorder shirt

I’m into fitness fitness Jeep down this trail shirt

It’s not hoarding If It’s books shirt

Jeep not all who wander are lost I’m hiding from stupid people shirt

Los Angeles Lakers name and signature players shirt

Love Jeep Mom shirt

Mama Llama love cactus shirt

Mess with the honk you get the bonk duck shirt

Mommy you are my favorite Dinosaur as strong as T-Rex as smart as Velocipaptor shirt

My heart is held by the paws of a Chihuahua shirt

Neon Lion FC Cincinnati shirt

Shih Tzu some best friends never say a word shirt

Tattoos we can do it vintage shirt

When i die don’t let me vote democrat shirt

Vaffanculo is Italian for have a nice day shirt

Omg Becky look at his beard shirt

Keeping mama on her toes shirt

Jone waste yore toye monme yorall rediii the voice insoide moye yedd shirt

I only need my Shih Tzu and my weed shirt

I need coffee and you need a cream shut the fucupcake shirt

Dogecoin doge HODL to the moon crypto meme shirt

Dogecoin Astronaut to the Moon Blockchain HODL Crypto shirt

Chore loser sometimes I think about murder shirt

Since my husband and I never entertained guests, it was the other way around, That is, we were guests in the home of my high-school best friend, for whom I had been maid of honor when she married.I remember the exact date because it was the night Elvis died; her TV was on, and a bulletin interrupted regular programming. My old friend knocked back a couple of beers and proceeded to tell me that it was disgusting that I was still breastfeeding our 15-month-old son, and that I had married beneath me. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t defend myself and my family, but her rant was so out of character that I was stunned into silence.I haven’t seen her since. From

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