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How this benefits or not, the shareholders owning small lots for their own portfolio depends upon the above response to this new WOKE environment. Progressive companies that embrace it are likely to be more popular with some segments of the population. It is a highly sensitive subject and I intend no disrespect in anything I state here but the facts are that the Buy Side Institutions control the vast wealth of the middle and upper middle class, as well as the lower middle class who have retirement accounts. The Trillions is estimated and massive. What these long term investors choose to invest in for their index funds, mutual funds and pension index offerings matters. It matters greatly as with a high percentage of shares held by these institutions, there is a certain assurance that the stock will maintain or rise in price and increase the market cap of the company.

Yorkshire Terrier I’m telling you I’m not a dog my mom said I’m a baby shirt

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From my stand point which is a retired Buy Side Institution viewpoint, what is important is how the Giant Mutual Funds, the 300 Pension funds that manage the Fortune 1000 company pension funds, and the largest public corporations perspective on how they incorporate this into their corporate mission statement, customer relationships, business to business relationships etc.

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