Yolo JK BRB Jesus shirt

My brother died suddenly in his home while in his late 40ies. Nobody had heard from him for a few days so my other brother went to check on him and found him deceased on the floor. I lived half a country away but I talked to my now-deceased brother on the phone at least weekly. We were close. Anyway, the brother who found him, we’ll call him W, immediately called his own daughter so they could do a house search for valuables before they notified anyone. W had been wrangling to get a hold of some collectables for many years – so much so that it was well known in the immediate and extended family. Over the years W had deployed various tactics to con his way into getting what he wanted, mostly unsuccessfully.

Yolo JK BRB Jesus shirt

What an excellent day for an Exorcism shirt

Van Gogh meme wearing face mask social distancing shirt

RIP Helen Mccrory Aunt Polly 1968-2021 shirt

Rip Helen Mccrory 1968 2021 thank you for the memories shirt

Pfizer 2021 shirt

Ozzie Albies the exciting 10 seconds in baseball shirt

Monster trucks rock bright green racing boys shirt

Mom Guadalupe shirt

It’s a gales thing you wouldn’t understand

It’s all native land shirt

I’m not yelling I’m a carpenter that’s how we talk shirt

Yorkshire Terrier I’m telling you I’m not a dog my mom said I’m a baby shirt

Pitbull winners train losers complain shirt

Never underestimate an old man with a motorized wheelchair who was born in April shirt

Most old men would have given up by now I’m not like most old men shirt

Kinda busy being a firefighter wife and a dog mom shirt

Just a girl who loves unicorns shirt

Independence Day Just a woman who loves red white blue and Dachshund shirt

Independence Day America Let’s be honest I was crazy before the Dachshund shirt

In my dream world books are free and reading makes you thin shirt

In a world full of princesses be an engineer shirt

I’m a simple woman chicken coffee and Jesus shirt

I like dogs and pontoon and maybe 3 people shirt

Helen McCrory Bellatrix Narcissa shirt

Half hood half holy that means pray with me don’t play me shirt

Coffee and cats make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt

Chicken god is great coffee is good and people are crazy shirt

Black Cat Piss me off again and we play a game called duct duct tape shirt

Auntie Maxine respect the chair and shut your mouth shirt

I think the important point to absorb is that saying “All Lives Matter” is not an expression of opinion – it is a rejection of an opinion. It is not literally trying to states that all people’s lives are valuable – that would be a redundant statement of the obvious. It is stated by way of direct rebuttal to “Black Lives Matter”. It is a rejection of that, essentially saying “I don’t agree”.

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