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Ever since I got that hoodie, I’ve practically lived in it and I never take it off (I do). But other than that hoodie, I have another one which I really love and it’s my birthday one. I’m going to also wear that on my birthday. My mom tells me I have to get rid of half of my hoodies because most of them are wa to small but I don’t want to get rid of them because I love them. One of my hoodies is the first one I got and it’s a white hoodie with my name on it and it was given to me by my great grandmother and I wore it a lot. I don’t have a picture of it because I can’t find it. It’s somewhere buried underneath all my other old small clothes.I have a few hoodies which I love and each one has a specific meaning to me. I have one hoodie which I got from an Alaska Sled Race in 2013 and I love wearing that one as well. My only problem with hoodies is that the strings annoy me the most. I’m kinda that one person who likes everything perfect and whenever the strings are not the same length, I go crazy and I get annoyed.

Nice little Bears In The Star Wars Return Of The shirt

What I wear under the hoodie is a bra I have some nice 38 seat tits and they are beautiful I’m a guy who loves his tits No, it’s too uncomfortable and hot to wear a shirt underneath a pull over hoodie. I always wear a pull over hoodie by itself . Well before I started thinking I was cute, I always wore sweater even if it was over 100! I was a crazy person and everyone knew I was because I wore them on the hottest days. I actually started wearing them when I was body shamed by one of my exes. He told me I looked better in Hoodies so I started wearing them non-stop and I actually started buying so many. Like half my closet is filled with hoodies and crop tops. I enjoy wearing hoodies still because I don’t have to wear anything underneath it sometimes and I practically never take my hoodie off. Even at school. I always wear my school uniform though but I never take my hoodie off because what’s the point? I mostly love how much they feel and there always warm and soft inside and it feels like someones hugging me (Ik I’m weird)!! My favorite on is obviously my BTS sweater given to me by my friend for my birthday last year (and I literally post a lot of pictures with my sweater on):

Nice little Bears In The Star Wars Return Of The s Hoodie

In one of the first Friday Q&As of Summer 2011 after the interns arrived, one intern asked for the mic and asked something like “Hey Zuck, me and a couple of the other new interns were wondering, do you have more than one shirt?” The whole room (including Mark Zuckerberg) cracked up, but he went on to say that he wears the same clothes every day because he’s busy and it makes for one less thing to think about in the morning. (Firstly I need to say I am not depressed cause it’s ‘cool’. I was abused up until 15 and have severe depression and ptsd. I hate being depressed, it has nearly killed me on multiple occasions.) I use hoodies to hide in. They are comfortable and hide my body and a lot of my face. It’s also my security, when feeling especially depressed and anxious I use them to ‘retreat’ to, like a security blanket? It’s Brunello Cucinelli. I know this because I worked in the store he shopped in. They are $400 t-shirts and those sweatshirts are Brunello as well and are around $3,000.

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