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What began as live solo sessions from the Bam Miami Basketball Shirt Besides,I will do this Nowadays space have since—for safety reasons in our social distancing moment—moved to DJs’ homes (though, for the record, the lights are still on and Nowadays’ trademark plants are still being watered—you’ll see the space on the streams layered with video of working DJs). New schedules for the week are posted on the Nowadays Instagram each Monday.

Bam Miami Basketball Shirt


Far from just making do, the Bam Miami Basketball Shirt Besides,I will do this changing nature of the streamed sessions—now, presumably, being consumed solo, or in very small groups gathered anywhere around the world (one recent Saturday night saw about 11,000 people tuning it) instead of packed into Nowadays a few hundred at a time—have inspired some new thinking. Carter shared his first virtual Mister Sunday session with the Soul Summit DJ team “but because I was starting at 10 pm on a Sunday night, I was able to try out this idea I’ve had for a long time,” says Carter, “which was to throw a party that ends with bedtime—literally. So I started with club music but then kind of brought the vibe down slowly and mixed in an ambient beatless track, and then the sounds of oceans, and then I led everybody through a kind of relaxation meditation and encouraged people to grab their pillows and blankets, and then for an hour, I played kind of sleeping or meditation music. It’s something I could never do at Nowadays, and it felt really cathartic, and a bunch of people responded in a really positive way. As a DJ, it’s been really nice to get on the air and feel like I was kind of telling my story, and it’s been great to provide some facsimile of the community space that we’ve been providing and the creative space that we’ve been trying to foster.”

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