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The too-ambitious narrative presumes that because Harris has goals, she is devious and disloyal, just using Biden as a stepping-stone to her own eventual presidency. Meanwhile, the Bape go vote #2 black shirt In addition,I will do this fact that Bass reportedly does not have presidential dreams is considered a bonus. Bass’s “commitment could assuage concerns in the Biden camp that he might be overshadowed by a running mate positioning herself to succeed him,” the Times wrote, noting that Biden “is said to be focused on finding a running mate… who can be counted on not to stray from the urgent challenges facing the nation to pursue their own political priorities.” But for men, Biden included, serving the country as an effective V.P. and aspiring to higher office were not mutually exclusive. (Of course, Bass herself may be dropping the veepstakes, following coverage this weekend of favorable comments she made in the past about Fidel Castro.)

Bape go vote #2 black shirt

The U.S. currently has a vice president whose greatest ambition seems to be serving as a lapdog and lackey to President Trump. As head of the Bape go vote #2 black shirt In addition,I will do this Coronavirus Task Force, Vice President Mike Pence has failed to enact policies to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather he has presided over a nationwide surge and a death toll climbing past 150,000 Americans. Perhaps Biden’s inner circle should consider that an ambitious female V.P. not only wouldn’t hurt him but may help the ticket, and the country, too. On social media, many women were quick to criticize the double standard apparently being applied to Biden’s search for a running mate, among them Jennifer Palmieri, a former top campaign aide to Hillary Clinton. “Get comfortable with female ambition, folks,” Palmieri tweeted. “Not going anywhere.”

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