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A friend told me about a new antiviral med that she thought could help my son. He needed relief… and I needed relief. She said that she would call our pediatrician for me and explain the situation and she was sure that we could get it for him. After she called and talked to a number of people (she got shuffled from person to person and no one seemed to care about what we had going on), they said that the doctor would not be able to give him the meds. He didn’t approve of us doing that. So, she called her own doctor and told them my story. The nurse that she first talked to was in tears as she was so sympathetic to our problem. The doctor got on the line and was extremely compassionate. He wanted to help, but our son was not his patient. So, the doctor wanted us to bring him to the back of his office building, and he would come out to the car to examine him and see what he could do. My friend (who was very close to the family and our son was very comfortable with) took him to her doctor and the doctor ended up prescribing the antiviral meds. We gave them to him that afternoon, and the next morning the chicken pox were almost gone!! And our son was acting normal. To me, it was miraculous!

White claws Jaws shirt

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Then, I felt like I needed to have a talk with our pediatrician. We had other issues with the kids that we needed to deal with, and I wanted a chance to explain what he and/or his office staff did that hurt us. When I explained everything to him (I was not sure that his staff had really told him the whole situation), I was sure that he would be sympathetic and understand. But, he was very cool in his response to me, even though I was trying to be careful and not be overly emotional or accusatory. He told me that it was reckless to increase my sons meds and he did not understand or approve of my actions, even though the neurologist thought it was fine. He also was defensive of his denial of the antiviral meds. I asked why he thought that we shouldn’t have given the meds; his concern was that we didn’t know the long term effects of this fairly new med because he might get chicken pox again. (We didn’t care about getting chicken pox again… we needed him to not have them at that time! We could deal with it when we weren’t in crisis! In fact, he did get them again, but it was a much milder case, and it happened when I could really give him the comfort and attention that he needed.)