Waterdogs 2022 dawg king shirt

It teaches men that it’s okay to cheat. Instead of confronting their actions, you’re holding a supposed stranger completely accountable for a man’s mistakes. You’re training them to believe it’s acceptable. The other woman didn’t cheat on you. The other woman didn’t break your trust. Redirect the Waterdogs 2022 dawg king shirt Furthermore shame game to where it belongs. Ladies, you’re not dating the woman he cheated on you with. Sit back and think about which person hurt you. If she’s not the one who cheated on you, she’s not the problem. It’s likely that the next time he cheats, it’ll be a different woman. This woman could be anyone. And he will still be the one cheating on you. Have you ever noticed how when it comes to a cheating husband, he’s rarely ever called a “homewrecker”? This term is reserved only for short-skirted, cleavage-showing temptresses, not the men who willingly cheat. Sure, this woman may have known that your man wasn’t single, but it’s his actions that are responsible for your pain. Don’t enable them. We need to stop teaching these kind of men that this behavior is acceptable and that they can’t control themselves.

Waterdogs 2022 dawg king shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

Waterdogs 2022 dawg king shirt

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