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was born in Paris, moved to Gabon when I was 3 years old, then came to the God Save America Tee shirt and I will buy this USA in 2000—20 years went by so fast!—to learn English. Eventually, I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology. I had a long career in restaurant management until I switched to Pilates five years ago.Quarantine has taught me to lean into the unknown, and to live day by day as best as I can. Moving my body is essential to my mental and physical well-being; I am really blessed that I can teach virtually through Zoom, which kept me sane for the first 3 months of quarantine. I set up a work routine that held me accountable for helping my regular and new clients, and I learned that my body can do a lot of exercises—but also that I needed to set healthy boundaries, so I didn’t experience a physical burnout.

God Save America Tee shirt

I think it’s important to have a specific space set up for your workout. That can be your sacred “fitness/wellness/self-care” space. Find the God Save America Tee shirt and I will buy this ambiance that works best for you—some people prefer silence over music, and vice versa. Thinking about what you would like to get from your workout that day is going to be more fun and fulfilling and feel less like a chore. Find a workout or stretch or trainer that makes you smile—something or someone that’s encouraging, and that makes you say “I can’t wait to do it again.”

God Save America Tee s Hoodie


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