The University Of American Samoa Law School T-shirt

The University Of American Samoa Law School T-shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve tee, and Sweater

The University Of American Samoa Law School T-shirt! Over the past year, there has been more talk of stakeholder inclusion in the conservation sector. The combination of the social justice movement that arose from the May 2020 murder of George Floyd and the exposition of discriminatory behaviors has highlighted the legacy of preserved colonialism. and how to treat local and indigenous communities in and around protected areas, among other issues. But how does conservation actually transform its activities? Patrick Gonzales-Rogers, Executive Director of the Bears Ears Tribal Coalition, said increasing indigenous representation in conservation organizations would be a good place to start. Address structural issues around rights, race, and consensus in field conservation.

If you go through the executives and directors of the seven largest conservation groups, you will see a serious lack of inclusion, Gonzales-Rogers told Mongabay. I manually counted among these groups and found more than 200 such positions in the seven largest conservation groups. Do you know many tribal members among the 200 board members? There are six; two of them are mentioned twice. There are many people of color represented on these councils and in executive leadership roles and the University Of American Samoa Law School T-shirt! This is important for corporate governance: this is where goals are created, assets are adjusted, and delivered products take precedence. So the more people of color you have, the more assets and resources that can be reallocated to these communities.

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