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Can we dare say it’s the liberal woman tearing down the First Lady but crickets from you in the past. It’s the least we can do Why this has been done every yr what’s your problem this year. I’d be happy if they’d put up a small tree and a poinsettia and then use the rest to feed, house, clothe, and care for people. James Nelson I’m Irish and I agree with you too, what a waste of money, while so many will have nothing at ChristmasDawn Stephenson the royals bring in more money than they cost. Crystal Maskell Carey that’s awfully rude my friend, I’m sorry I haven’t studied American Politics, seeing as I don’t live there and don’t have an extremely strong interest in American Politics, can’t be doing with our own.

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Please don’t assume those arguing with you here speak for ‘all’ AmericansBeth Lueck Oh, I don’t. Mike Murray I mean would you rather get payed £1 more or this (I know like you’d only get payed like £0. James Nelson nah you just support people like Harry and Meghan and all the hangers on LOL James Nelson why. I’m British but I’d be very unhappy to think of my money going to decorate thisYou obviously don’t mind the Royal family and their excess. Julie Bailey her first video showing her doing a bit of behind the scenes was much more engaging. ALL First Ladies are filmed by themselves walking through a Christmas White House and again with their Family. I gguess they don’t really stand to be near each other unless they have tooHeather Roscoe Agreed. I thought the red trees was interesting certainly it was different from all the first ladies Christmas decorations from the pastNancy Mayo but still not really goodNancy Mayo I thought the same thing.