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It was straight downhill after that, all the characters were bland, the only character that was remotely interesting was ‘1’ Trump I need New Haters The Old Became Fans shirt. The plot was just “Oh, we need something over there. Oh no! There’s something evil blocking the thing we need” rinse and repeat. Very disappointing. Anomalisa was also pretty disappointing too, was shocked at the 92% rotten tomatoes rating. Maybe I missed something about it. I just couldn’t get into it from start to finish. I think the main character was the issue, I found him to be pushy and a bit of creep if I’m honest. He asks a young woman he’s just met if he can kiss her gnarly eye scar?! Then, after their night together he just comes across as straight up unlikable, especially the breakfast scene. It’s fair enough, although that is most definitely the point of the film. He’s not at all likable, and I quite like that the film posits him as a desperate, lonely romantic only to show that he’s actually a raging narcissist and the reason he only hears one voice is that he turns everyone against himself. I know what you mean, I remember when I was watching it I said quite loudly to the TV “There’s a reason you’re all alone mate”. I’ll probably give it another watch at some point, maybe it’ll grow on me. I love seeing this. I did this back in 2015 and that was a blast! Watched over 400 movies I’d never seen before. Attempted it again in 2018 with only success until March. Starting it again this year, so far so good. Great work!! That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to do it, so many classics I hadn’t seen! Sometimes I would plan in advance what I was going to watch on certain days, especially when I was planning around work/uni etc.

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