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along with representatives of political parties and universities. But as Lula pulls ahead in the polls, discussion among supporters of an even more active role by the Brazilian Armed Forces — including calls for a military intervention if Bolsonaro loses — has intensified on social media. “We will not trust the results [if Bolsonaro loses] and will demand the president to call the Armed Forces to intervene. But note that this is not a coup, it is a counter coup,” says Roseno. Brazil’s military leadership Against this backdrop, the potential for overlap between military events and pro-Bolsonaro campaign events on Independence Day could offer cause for concern. If the president turns his speech in Rio into a campaign opportunity, the military’s planned display of ships, parachutists and hourly rifle salutes could instantly take on ominous political significance. “We should not have such overlap of a national event with a large military participation with a campaign event,” said Casarões. “The military that should be a state force that serves the interests of a government. [The Independence Day events] will allow Bolsonaro to use the military’s symbol … to lend credibility to his presidential candidacy,” he added. Concerned about the possible politicization of Wednesday’s military maneuvers, the Federal Attorney’s office of Rio sent an official letter to the local Military,

Official Everything in moderation except stamp collecting shirt

have been led to believe is tainted — despite the lack of evidence. “There will be more than 1 million on the streets in Rio, because people now are angry with [Supreme Electoral Court chief] Alexandre de Moraes,” Ferraz says. De Moraes, a longtime thorn in Bolsonaro’s side, this month greenlit search and seizure operations against several businessmen accused of participating in WhatsApp text conversations advocating a coup if Bolsonaro loses the presidential election, Brasil reported. Bolsonaro at the Independence Day ceremony in Brasilia last year. As the race heats up between Bolsonaro and Lula, the incumbent president has frequently made statements undermining the legitimacy of the electoral process among his fans — in what critics fear could set the stage for unrest if Bolsonaro doesn’t win re-election. The president has called for some voters to be filmed at the ballot box (an idea squashed by the Electoral Court) and claimed that the country’s electronic voting system has been compromised in the past and is at risk of fraud now, though there is no record of fraud in Brazilian electronic ballots since they began in 1996. He has also suggested that the Armed Forces should perform a parallel ballot count to verify the result. The military has previously served as observers during elections,

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Naval and Air command publicized on Sept. 2 asking how it would ensure that official Independence Day celebrations would not be confused with partisan political demonstrations. Asked if it had received a response, the Attorney’s office told that the Armed Forces has until Wednesday morning to reply. The military did not respond to ‘s request for comment. A poster of the Brazilian president’s face with the phrase “Bolsonaro in jail” on Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo. Ever since Bolsonaro’s decree last year allowing active-duty military to hold public office , the border between his government and Brazil’s military leadership has been increasingly blurred. The president, himself a former Army captain, has made no secret of his admiration of the Armed Forces. He frequently invokes the military on the campaign trail and has done little to avoid the appearance of politicizing the country’s military. His vice presidential candidate is an active general, General Walter Braga Netto. In 2020, over 6000 members of his government were members of the military, according to a report published by the Federal Audit Court (TCU). Brazil could face ‘more severe’ election

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