Typing Go away I’m writing shirt

I was attracted to adults when i was a child and from what i remember all my friends were too. I am convinced that alot of kids have been attracted to me aswell. I deal with that one through playing games with them like soccer and so on so we still do fun things together and thats enough. And to put things into perspective here, anyone can admire anyone but there are days when you will think they are annoying or boring or rude aswell.

Typing Go away I’m writing shirt

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Dachshund Happy Independence Day America shirt

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That day was October 9th, 1990. On that day a boyhood dream of becoming a long haul trucker was fulfilled. A dream I had as early as the age of four. It was graduation day from the advanced training class of the first trucking company I signed on with. I was no longer a student. I was now officially a trainee on my way to earning the title of professional over-the-road trucker, which would take place two weeks later. That was not only the most satisfying day of my career, but the day I would take pride in the title, a pride that has not wavered since, and if anything grown, in over thirty years.

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