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Quarantine inspired a renewed emphasis on skin care. In a nod to the Gaming Playstation Shirt it is in the first place but fruits of a dedicated routine, many of the shows—including Rodarte, Anna Sui, and Cinq à Sept—put forth raw skin lightly enhanced with nearly imperceptible coverage and strategic highlighting. Adding a healthy dose of vitamin D to the equation was Jason Wu with makeup artist Erin Parsons administering a smattering of trompe l’oeil freckles—or “fleckles,” as she liked to call them—across the nose and cheeks. “The whole idea is that we can’t really go on vacation, so Jason brought the vacation to us,” explained Parsons.

Gaming Playstation Shirt

In the Gaming Playstation Shirt it is in the first place but age of face masks, the eyes have it like never before. As such, it wasn’t surprising to see many designers lay the drama on thick at gaze level. “It was this idea of how to further accessorize,” said makeup artist Dick Page of collaborating with designer Maria Cornejo on a trio of bold, painterly lid looks in white, fuchsia, and cobalt blue. “It’s instant glam that doesn’t really take too much thought. You’re just throwing a little bit of paint on the eyes like you would a pair of cool sunglasses.” Similarly bold and bright strokes of eyeliner were seen at Chromat, with a variation of aquatic ombré eye designs, as well as Batsheva and Eckhaus Latta, where abstract, brushstroke dashes accented the eyes.

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