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In fact, it reminded me of nothing. I had never seen marriage treated this way. Oftentimes when you have a film about marriage, it has to do with divorce, a funeral, a dead child, or cheating—and this was just about the Big Ed Shirt In addition,I will do this dynamics about an individual marriage and the tacit agreements that we make and what happens when those agreements aren’t functioning anymore, when the dynamics become aberrant and we have to decide whether to reinvest and remake those agreements, whether to soldier forward and keep them in place, or walk away. I actually think there are a lot of marriages like Allison and Rory’s that continue inexorably forward whether or not you think they are a good match. I happen to think they are a good match and that they are a lot of fun and actually quite good for each other.

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An actor can’t play the Big Ed Shirt In addition,I will do this end at the beginning. You can’t be thinking about how harrowing the story is. And frankly, it’s hard to believe that we created that film out of how much fun we were having. We so adored each other on set. When you get to a moment like the scene at the end, I remember walking around with my arms around a big broomstick, pacing around, sort of taking up space so I could keep breathing because there were multiple takes and it was taking time. It comes down to stamina. I always tell young actors when they want to get into the business not to skip theater training. The theater is great preparation for having to go outside and scream for eight hours at a clip. So many young actors underestimate what that vocal training can give you when you have to do something at three in the morning and do it twelve times and also tell the story with your whole body. Sean [Durkin] described Allison as very grounded, that she’s the thing that is tethering Rory to the earth. So her being in her body is really critical, and theater requires you to tell a story that way. It teaches you how to use your body to tell a story more clearly.

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