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A window showing imagery from the Premium snoop dogg merry chrizzle my nizzle ugly christmas sweatshirt Additionally,I will love this Valentino book at Casa MagazinesLots of people come to Casa for partnerships, but many are turned away. The reason Valentino got Ahmed and Wasim’s stamp of approval is because some of the brand’s New York employees are regular customers. “I think it was Blair [Trader, the director of public relations and advertising] or Bianca [Sleight, the manager of special events and partnerships] who first wrote to us—and they’re actually customers at Casa,” David explains. “Obviously, it was exciting.”The store’s windows will be papered with imagery from the book, replacing this week’s Joe Biden display. (That’s partly out of necessity—Ahmed and David report that most Biden covers sold out quickly.) Of the many images, Ahmed chooses a picture by photographer Amber Pinkerton and fashion editor Nell Kalonji that ran in Love as his favorite. “This,” David says, pointing to the Polaroid snap with a red heart scrawled on the page, “is so Mohammed. Ali is fond of more of the crazy graphics and overt [style]. Mohammed is a bit more conservative.”The pair expect the Valentino book to sell well, noting that during the past year, it’s the innovative, thoughtful publications that have performed best. “As long as there is a magazine business, we will be in the business,” assures Ahmed.

Premium snoop dogg merry chrizzle my nizzle ugly christmas sweatshirt

Collaborations between designers and artists have become part of fashion’s new normal, a development both view as positive. “At first, it was difficult to [fully] explain the Premium snoop dogg merry chrizzle my nizzle ugly christmas sweatshirt Additionally,I will love this idea. However, Marc-Antoine understood very well what I wanted to see, which is beauty in all its forms,” says Pellegrino. For Coulon, the boundaries between fashion and art have blurred. “It’s a thin line,” he says. “Artists and designers both deal with creation. Designers love artists and treat them with respect, and artists are obsessed with designers.”  The thrill of working together was a professional high. Still, both Pellegrino and Coulon are most excited about the prospect of collaboration with the ten lucky clients who have already commissioned their custom piece. “Perhaps these women would never wear their minaudière in the street, but I found the idea of having a beautiful and original creation at home to be magnificent,’ says Pellegrino. “I think that as a designer of leather goods, and accessories in general, the goal is to make customers proud to wear the products they have designed for them. A confident woman conveys all the beauty of the world and the elegance that goes with it.” Coulon is looking forward to the one on one sittings with his new “models” and the opportunity to give them a moment—and keepsake—they’ll never forget. “Finding what makes them special and unique is one of the biggest thrills of my life,” he says. “It’s quite an experience, isn’t it? It takes two to tango, so I take what my model gives and try to render it with much empathy. It’s verydemanding and rewarding all at once.” Kamala Harris has made history as the first female, first Black, and first person of Asian descent to become vice president-elect. As the turbulent and trying Trump presidency comes to a close, and Harris prepares to assume her powerful post, this marks a moment of relief and hope for many women; an opportunity to gain back what’s been lost over the past four years, as well as push women’s health care forward for all.“Time and time again, we’ve seen that women who fight power, who move into leadership positions, who challenge the system, are knocked back down, told to wait, told to be quieter and be nicer—this is especially true for women of color,” says Alexis McGill Johnson, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund. “So when I watched Kamala walking onto the stage in Wilmington, Delaware, I felt like I was walking right alongside her. I felt like my daughters were walking with her, and my grandmothers and my aunties and my girlfriends across the country. She refused to back down no matter what adversity she faced, and now she is going to the White House. In claiming her own power, Kamala empowers us all.”As the country readies for a new chapter, here we take a look back at the efforts Harris has made to impact pressing women’s health issues—from increasing access to abortion to improving maternal health and fighting against racial disparities—and consider how this momentum is primed to continue during the Biden-Harris administration. As Johnson puts it, “We are finally beginning a new chapter: one where we take full control of our bodies, our rights, our democracy, and our futures.”In 2018, Kamala Harris penned a New York Times piece about losing her mother to colon cancer in 2009, and what it revealed about the fractured U.S. health system. She also explained why cosponsoring 2017’s Medicare for All Bill with Senator Bernie Sanders was so important to her. “One of the biggest issues on the Biden-Harris ticket was health care—providing access to everyone, and ensuring the American population that they didn’t want to get rid of the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare because there’s so many people that rely on it as their form of health care,” explains Dallas-based ob-gyn Jessica Shepherd. “So one of their strong pillars was to restore that and make sure that that was not taken away. For a lot of people, that was one of their reasons for voting for that ticket. They were frustrated, powerless, and they felt that they very well could have lost their health care.” Though Biden and Harris have held different views on health care reform in the past, their shared goal of expanding health insurance will surely increase the number of insured, and reduce costs for many more American women, especially those from disadvantaged populations. Plus, the pair will be giving the U.S.’s global pandemic response a long overdue overhaul with their newly formed COVID-19 task force, comprised of leading scientists and public health experts.

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