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All the Life is better with ryan tedder shirt Also,I will get this Best Fashion From the 2020 Venice Film Festival A men’s metal-band wristwatch will help tie the “man” look together, and depending on your style, a silver or gold herringbone necklace. A black or brown leather belt, either muted or bold in appearance, is almost universal, as is a black or brown leather wallet. These accessories can be worn 24/7, with the wallet being a must.With many in-person performances halted due to Covid, Plastique treats TikTok as her new global stage. Her videos are high on production value, complete with stellar lighting, loads of wind machines, and seamless transitions—all of which she sets up herself. Some of her videos go the extra mile incorporating glow in the dark lighting too, proving that performing on TikTok can be just as theatrical and fun of an experience to watch as a real deal live show. When Brown makes chili, she likes to use three different kinds of beans: Black beans, Kidney beans, and baked beans. She starts off by boiling pecans—the meat substitute of the day. While they’re boiling, she adds some vinegar and a little bit of garlic powder… “or a whole lot, because that’s your business.” She stirs it all together and boils for about 12 minutes, until the pecans get lighter and softer. Once those are done boiling, Brown adds them to a food processor along with red onions, liquid smoke, chili pepper, and chili powder, plus sliced green and red peppers.

Life is better with ryan tedder shirt

Now that you have your “meat” base, it’s time to put it all into a skillet along with a little more chili powder, garlic powder, and red beans and rice seasoning—“or whatever multi-spice you usually use,” along with some blue agave. “Can you smell it? Smells good don’t it? Yeah I know!” Brown exclaims. She pours her canned bean trio and some cut tomatoes into a pot on low heat, then tops it off with corn, the Life is better with ryan tedder shirt Also,I will get this meat base, and vegetable broth “like so like that.” As it starts to sizzle, sprinkle on some brown sugar and barbecue sauce “just for a hint of flavor” while it cooks on medium. Then, she grabs her bowl to serve and adds vegan shredded cheese and fresh chives on top. Now it’s time to eat. “Ain’t this a good time to be thankful, just to be here?” Brown says. “It’s so good, y’all!” she says after taking a spoonful. “As the world starts to feel a little bit heavy, I hope that making a little bowl of chili can make it a little bit lighter. Let’s focus on the positive.” This past week on Instagram was filled with braided beauties. Megan Thee Stallion rocked a thick single braid along with sleek, artfully styled baby hairs and cherry-stained lips. Hairstylist Vernon François showcased his braiding skills on his daughter, who rocked golden cornrows with a smile. Similarly, Tolu Oye, designer and co-founder of Oye Shea Butter, sported cornrows of her own; hers festooned with cowry shells.

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