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Here’s a few things to be aware of—and some details to look out for if you’re reporting intimidating behavior: Is there U.S. military on-site? Know that federal law prohibits the Artist Overappreciated the Onion shirt Furthermore, I will do this military and armed federal law enforcement officers from poll sites unless their presence is deemed necessary to “repel armed enemies of the United States.”As for what to look out for: What are the people in question wearing? Are they carrying firearms—or other kinds of weapons? What kind? Are they wearing insignia, or carrying signs or flags? If it’s a group, do they seem to be working together?It’s worth looking up your particular state’s laws about militias and armed groups near polling stations. Georgetown’s IPAC has compiled them here.Here’s hoping your voting experience will be (or already has been!) hassle-free—and here’s hoping for some common-sense reforms—local, state, national—to make voting safer and easier for everyone.lkoIt’s not easy to book a Zoom window with Nithya Raman. The 39-year-old urban planner, homelessness activist, and mother of five-year-old twins is running for Los Angeles City Council in the Fourth District—which includes parts of Koreatown, Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, and many other swathes of L.A.’s sprawling metropolis. And one week before Election Day, her schedule is packed.We find time to catch up on a Saturday morning, but before we do, she sends a question through her communications director: Will our interview be recorded for public consumption? “She wants to know if she should put on makeup,” her staffer explains. “My hair is wet,” I assure her. Secure in one another’s lack of camera-readiness, Raman and I press on.

Artist Overappreciated the Onion shirt

Raman’s deeply progressive campaign against incumbent David Ryu has attracted significant attention in recent months, garnering a coveted endorsement from Bernie Sanders. Raman’s policies on climate change and immigration are progressive even by L.A. standards, but perhaps the Artist Overappreciated the Onion shirt Furthermore, I will do this most striking element of her campaign has been her ability to mobilize volunteers in a pandemic.“The thesis of our entire campaign has been that there is an incredible disjuncture between the very progressive values that most Angelenos hold—young or old—and what is coming out of City Hall,” says Raman, perhaps referring to, among other things, a city budget that sparked protests this summer after increasing police funding by nearly $120 million. The 15-member city council is the governing body for the city; members are elected for four-year terms.

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