Top shirt Nemoshirt on 18 November 2019

Why is he blocking people with first-hand knowledge? If he is innocent then he should let them testify!Sorry my postings first before you respond as it will tell you what is going on..lolRene Freeman and yet you cannot provide any proof just plain butt hurt feelings because Hillary Clinton lost 3 years ago..lolFlavio Canuel you are suffering from whataboutism Nobody complained when Obama’s attorney was charged for lying. The media is truly the enemy and a lot of you need to do research outside of the media.

So what in the Constitution says that Trump did something wrong, the president can set his own foreign policies, the people under him are supposed to follow his policies not theirsHow does this violate the constitution exactly? By being whistleblowers they’ve by default proven that they can’t be trusted with sensitive information. Whether you agree with that or not is irrelevant, because security clearance comes with contractual obligations.Stephen Thuo Kamau Now if police officers would stop showing their support to Trump and support the constitution like they swore to do….Richard Miller its called bribery and extortion you can’t with hold congressional approved funds to get info on a politcal foe for your pe4sonal gain.

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