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It is a Joke and the American people ( taxpayers) are letting this happen ! The Dems are making a mockery of our country !”Dumb as a rock” and “lazy as hell”……this is how Trump described his first Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Democrats aren’t the ones making a mockery of our country. . All super heroes have a dark past Jules you’re sick! This is when he is supposed own up and act like an adult instead he denies its his fault  “Come on Really Get real”Darla Mae Fiset well white American liberals never admit guilt. He’s from Massachusetts where there are plenty of white American liberals so he’s learning from the best on how to deny and lieJennifer Walker – that has to be the dumbest comment today.  Let me help you.

Try to incorporate who what why where when in formulating a response so the readers can ascertain the intent of your comment.Larry Thomas – Rich people don’t stay rich very long doing drugs.   I know rich people – and drug use is extremely rare outside of the entertainment and political rings.I’m sorry but he needs to learn from this… my brother did the same thing only it was flourthe baggies had spiderman on them..which is why he was saying spiderman…the bag the kid has was coke..but when they went to question dad..they found bagged coke and heroineBreck R. McKean the point is that there is different claims on what it was.

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