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There are so many deep state Obama hold over that the office of president Trump is hindered by all of this people thinking they are saving us from Trump. Obama fired all of Bush’s Ambassadors and no one have a selective political outrage. guys need to calm down..lolFlavio Canuel under the influence of what kind of drugs are you? Flavio Canuel You know, whenever people start talking about the DEEP STATE, it make you look like a gullible fool.Flavio Canuel following a liar becomes a liar. Go get the facts and stop blaming Obama for the failure of the biggest liar and corrupted president in the history of this nation.Flavio Canuel Trump is the President not Obama….You do know that right? I’m surprised you didn’t throw Hilary’s name in there!! Republicans are good at deflecting!!

That’s all they have!! They know Trump is a snake and they can’t defend him so they deflect!!Flavio Canuel, the deluded led by the delusional. Bigly sadFlavio Canuel how many indictments did obama have within his 8 years of presidency? You know why everyone is commenting on this you clownFlavio Canuel : it’s one thing to fire someone and another to run a smear campaign against them or bully them. Simple firing is enough. The part that makes this wrong is the unnecessary smearing and bullying of that person.Flavio Canuel Obama! Deep State!  You people sound as unhinged as the mango maniac in the White HouseFlavio CanuelYovanovitch was first appointed by Obama in 2016 and confirmed by the Senate.

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