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Rick Felbabel they want equality because they bring in more money than their male counterparts, yet get paid like 1/5th what the USMNT players get. It’s got nothing to do with who would win in a match between the two. Plain and simple, more people are interested in the us women’s team than the men’s. The end. The Thailand massacre was used as an example of USA’s “dominance” and an argument in support of equal pay with the men. I would contend it had the complete opposite effect, showing how shallow the global talent pool is for women’s football.

Top 5 on hutechteeshirt4001.blogspot on 2019/07/11

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Elizabeth Binning why would I be envious? I make *much* more than them and I’m not even close to being the best in the world at my profession. If anything they should be envious of me.

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They bring in “more” revenue because they play more. The men’s teams draw in far more revenue per game and play on a much higher talent level. The women’s team benefits solely from playing much lesser competition on an international level.

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