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It was only a decade or so ago when seeing a Black woman with natural hair reporting the Tiger king merry christmas joe exotic big cat rescue carole baskin sh300 ugly christmas festive shirt so you should to go to store and get this news was a rarity. With hair now protected by The Crown Act, a petition to end race-based hair discrimination passed by the House of Representatives in 2019 which is now law in states like New York, Colorado, and California, regressive standards are less prevalent. “There was a time when it was frowned upon, particularly to wear your hair in natural curls, an afro, or braids,” says Reid. “Not just in media but throughout [society]. In my twenties, I was told by a woman at a temp agency that she didn’t want to even send me out on interviews because my hair was in braids. They felt it wasn’t professional. It’s a recent development that we’re seeing anchors, analysts, and correspondents’s natural hair.” Reid likens the scrutiny and interest in the way female anchors dress and present themselves to the media attention devoted to the outfits of politicians like Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris. “Either Hillary’s suits were considered too boxy, too short, or too long. Every hair change was discussed,” says Reid. “She was the poster child for being beaten up about fashion and constantly scrutinized. Kamala Harris has it double because she’s a woman of color. She even gets picked on for her laugh, just these silly stupid things that have nothing to do with her qualifications as a prosecutor, Senator, and former Attorney General.” Still, Reid thinks Harris has found ways to use fashion to her advantage. “She’s a beautiful woman and can be glamorous when she wants to, but she’s also capable of looking like she could be at your weekend red wine party! So she’s been using [clothing] in a brilliant way on the trail.”

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