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I got in a lot of trouble for it and was punished for arguing with the results of the x rays and for lying because I wanted a cast. I felt uncomfortable sensations that I thought maybe would go away with the pressure of a cast. After so much disapproval from my parents I completely suppressed everything for a very long time. I did my best to act as normal as possible. I’m married to someone I love and afraid that he is going to leave me. I accuse him of cheating and have even waited to see if he was and drove by his job under cover. I had no reason to believe that and he certainly wasn’t. I have three kids and want a fourth so that nobody gets left out. I love my kids and constantly talk to them to make sure I don’t miss anything.

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I have trouble identifying with schizophrenia and trouble with intervention because it has become such a habit just to either suppress it or live out the episode as quietly as possible which sometimes just doesn’t work. I’m sorry. I’m typing too much but yes early onset schizophrenia can go unnoticed or unacknowledged through childhood if most of your notions are internal like mine were and you have parents who never even thought about it. I became very distant from my father just due to general distrust. Tho I did sleep at the foot of my parents bed as a teenager because I couldn’t sleep Alone I felt too afraid. I probably wouldn’t be aware had I not had just the right set of circumstances. I received constant disapproval for my behavior.