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Soldiers in ancient times were not always motivated solely by “plunder and gaining wealth,” although that may have been most common. Many were also motivated by sacred oaths, patriotism, vengeance, religious redemption, or the mere hatred of the enemy. Also it should not be overlooked that anyone turning tail and running would be summarily killed as a deserter, thus they marched foreword to the possibility of death over certain death and disgrace if they ran away. Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” Inexplicable, but often true.

In my case I certainly did not venture into war and harm’s way for my meager $65 monthly combat pay stipend. I did it because I was highly trained and one of the best in my profession. I wanted to serve my country. I took an oath. I (at least initially) believed in the cause, and I wanted to protect my fellow troops under fire. I had practiced for years my craft, but it had been only scrimmaging. Now was the ‘big game’ opportunity. I wanted to be in it, even if it meant putting my life on the line. I actually liked the challenge. I needed to be in the fray. I was born for it.

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I live at the actual edge of a time zone near to the legal edge. The time zone passes between two states separated by a river. The small city on my side of the river legally uses the time zone of the larger city in the next state because it is easier when a metropolitan area is on one time. Now move 15 miles west to where I live. Half of my neighbors use Eastern time and half use Central time. Our county seat uses Central time while the town that I live in uses Eastern. For a few years both the city government and a county government annex shared a large office with both using different clocks. In my home today, I cannot use my cellphone to give me the time because in different parts of my house it will hit on different cell towers and I don’t know which time zone the phone is picking up. In this town, when asked for the time one always asks “Eastern or Central?”. Your job may be in one time zone while your children’s school is in another. If you have two children in different schools in the same county, they MIGHT be on different clocks. Stores and other workplaces use whichever time the boss or owner prefers. Your spouse might have to be at work by 8AM and you need to be at work at 7AM at the same moment. I’ll leave the daylight savings time change scenario to your imagination. What is it like?

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