That’s queen Heifer to you shirt

You mean, the That’s queen Heifer to you shirt can’t become richer and the endangered species can breathe a sigh of relief because you no longer put a bulls eye on their backs! The market’s due for a correction, but if it crashes while Donald’s being impeached, it’ll be a coincidental correlation, not causation. This President of the United States is busy impoverishing 80% of Americans if he has his way.
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Well if he love this That’s queen Heifer to you shirt likes he says then he and his VP should resign and all will be fine America will be great and respected once Talk about being an egocentric good for nothing! Who does he think he is and how much power does he think he has over the rest of the world? Yeah it might because of the crap you allowed them to do. But to say that we have to let the crooks run things or the market might crash is really pathetic.