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Guide To Midwestern Birds Shirt

With his next-level glowing skin and ’90s-inspired braids, it’s apparent Thompson knows a thing or two about beauty too. “I look up to Rihanna for inspiration,” he says. “I am so obsessed with everything she’s doing in the beauty world. She doesn’t follow anyone. She does her own thing. And those are the kinds of people that I look up to.” For his own skin care, he turns to Youth to the People, especially their cleanser. “My skin journey has been crazy,” he admits. “I had bad skin growing up and it was really discouraging.” Lately, he’s put emphasis on finding the right products and committing to habits that will nourish his skin. “I drink my water, eat better meals, and stay moisturized and use my sunscreen.” He explores makeup through photo shoots but in his daily life he keeps it natural save for the occasional use of concealer. “I just like to let it breathe, let it be natural, with that nice glow or whatever.”

Guide To Midwestern Birds Shirt Teechalla hoodie trang

“I wanted to something designed specifically for artist needs, but that still looked beautiful to wear when not working,” says editorial nail artist Betina Goldstein of the latest offering from her luxe tool brand Doublemoss Arte. Called The Artist Palette Ring, it became an instant Instagram sensation since its launch just over a week ago.But more than anything, I’m just excited to explore different styles for the first time. Maybe I’ll pin it back or do a part. Maybe I’ll go blonde, wear wigs or braids. I want to wear hats and fun earrings! I don’t know, I just think I’m ready to express myself differently. I feel free. I feel light. I won’t be able to hide in the same way anymore. I’ll have to fully accept every part of myself cheeks and all.

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