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In 1954, a mysterious man was present at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan. According to descriptive records, he appeared with a polite appearance, wore a suit and spoke French, Japanese, and some other difficult languages. He said he came from Taured, a country between France and Spain, but no such country existed on the world map. The special thing is that in his wallet there are passports with the Taured national stamp and the currency of many countries that he has visited. Take me home to lallybroch face mask. The airport staff then showed him a map and the location of Taured was just the same as the location of Andorra, the angry stranger claimed there was no place Andorra and he lived in Taured, the country where existed for thousands of years. Besides, the company that Mr. Taured went to business meetings, hotels reserved and the bank had no name of this man. Before this situation, the police arrested him and sent to a detention hotel to investigate. However, the incident turned monstrous when the next morning investigators found that the man from Taured had disappeared without a trace even though his cell was strictly guarded; His documents and papers kept by security officers also disappeared in confusion. The Taured gentleman’s story becomes one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

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