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Buy this shirt: HOT Remember mar-a-lago 2022 shirt, hoodie, tannk top and long sleeve tee

. Yeah, I typically find people who went to The School of Hard Knocks are vastly more intelligent than I am Well, obviously you’re the victim here defund universities. I totally agree the police should be demilitarized, how about that, we agree and you seem to have made incorrect, ignorant assumptions about me, not surprising in the least.

HOT Remember mar-a-lago 2022 shirt

I have absolutely no idea why I am actually on here at almost 5am in the morning let alone start adding friends. Please kindly add me up so we can be friends if you don’t mind thanks it’s not getting through to a whole heap of other people you have asked either seemingly. Please kindly add me up so we can be friends if you don’t mind thanksNo surprise there.

HOT Remember mar-a-lago 2022 hoodie

I doubt you have the slightest clue what a fascist actually is, go buy a clue. With cutting huge police budgets that have been getting paramilitary gear and vehicles for decades. That’s it, defund the police, then when there are no more police there will be nobody to arrest people for shooting the lawless thugs in ANTIFA and BLM when they try to harass them.

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