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Karl Schut I was born and have lived in a Northern former mining community all of my 53 years. Please, don’t hesitate to enlighten me as to how and when I became a stupid racist. Sean Coumbe try blaming the unions for the devastation of the minds the greedy union bosses never went with out. Marianne Spinnett It was because we had the Brexit referendum that America voted Trump in. We had a lot and I mean A LOT of call centres spring up after the mines closed. Big, burly hands on men in their 30s, 40s, 50, didn’t stand a chance of doing that sort of work. Sean Coumbe thing is they remember the last labour lot who took this country nearly to its knees. Unfortunately too due to climate change and new green requirements the mining towns would have never survived present day anyway.  They are an enemy to democracy and businessmen in Western democracies line up to do business with them usually to the detriment of their own countries’ workers, economies, and strategic security.  As some people are fond of saying when it suits them, their country, their rules. So in other words, the Chinese government continues to show themselves to be little more than thin skinned, temperamental brats.

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Karl Schut thats hilarious coming from someone who supports the most racist and hate fuelled party, and run by jeremy corbyn the anti semitic commie scumSean Coumbe the way labour cult members act: these stupid northerners are racist idiots. Katy Grace You are the one that needs to educate yourself if you don’t know what’s happening in your own country. See the problem now with thinking you always know what’s best for ‘Others’brKarl Schut your hatred is so apparent, people democratically voted to move this country on.

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