St. Patrick’s Day Barry Wood Leprechaun shirt

I was 12 and playing tag with a few friends. There was a lot of St. Patrick’s Day Barry Wood Leprechaun shirt going on because they were widening a road from 2 to 4 lanes so it was equipment and dirt piles everywhere. Well we had picked the first person who was it and then we all ran off trying not to get tagged. After awhile of playing we noticed one of our friends was missing. We searched and searched now it’s the next day everybody is freaking out the cops are asking all kinds of questions all of us who were playing together had no idea where he could of been I mean one second he was there and the poof he’s gone.

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Later that morning one of the crane operators came running past us heading directly to where the police officers were standing. With his cracking voice tears and shaking body he said I found him he’s under the new sewer. One of the crane operators from the day the boy went missing was lifting the new sewers to were they were to be buried under ground when its hole was dug had set the huge concrete sewer on top of the boy crushing him to death. We ran up to the roof so we could see when they were going to lift the sewer of off our friend. Till this day I wish I hadn’t looked it was the worst thing I had ever seen and it stayed with me for decades. The store policy is that everyone who uses the two sets of conveyer belts lines up where I was standing, so as not to cut off the middle aisle. It’s a small store. Three aisles only, and then a separate area for veggies and fruit to the far right. I’m on the far left hand side, near the frozen desserts. So I was in the right two times over. Another person finishes up at a conveyer belt directly ahead of me, and begins to pay. Simultaneously, the older woman checking out to my right says she wants to buy 5 gift cards for charity, and each has to be charged separately. Old jerk goes to grab his four plus items from where he placed them, and put them back in his trolley.

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