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The Republican National Convention came to an end last night after four days of speeches from President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, all of Trump�s adult children, Kellyanne Conway, and even the Dachshund Happy Hallothanksween shirt moreover I will buy this machine-gun toting suburban couple from St. Louis. Many others in the Trump camp spoke as well, and all heralded his policies that put God and country before civil liberties and social justice. There was a lot of Biden-bashing and talk of the �liberal, socialist left� wanting to destroy America. At the very end, a fireworks show spelled out �TRUMP� over the White House, as a maskless crowd looked on and applauded. To be blunt, it was scary stuff. There was fear-mongering and fascist rhetoric, there were lies and gross exaggerations.

Dachshund Happy Hallothanksween shirt

But amidst the Dachshund Happy Hallothanksween shirt moreover I will buy this terror, there were moments so bizarre they were almost comical, like the loud, manic address from Kimberly Guilfoyle (Donald Trump Jr.�s girlfriend and a major campaign fundraiser), which inspired Twitter memes of her next to a crazy-eyed Elmo engulfed in flames.�To deliver her �the best is yet to come� speech, Guilfoyle chose an intensely bright red dress that was indicative of the overall approach to fashion during the RNC. The men were all in traditional suits and ties, but the majority of women, at least the most recognizable speakers among them, seemed to favor more striking, rigid silhouettes that cinched the waist or emphasized d�colletage. In Melania Trump�s case, her stiff, military-inspired jacket and skirt were a far cry from the soft, approachable style that historically befits a First Lady. Many people on social media compared her look to that of a dictator�someone ready for battle.

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