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I checked out, and brought my empty trolley to the cleaning Sexual Chocolate Mr Randy Watson World Tour 88 shirt. The woman behind me is working on her groceries. And the man behind us both has moved into the position she vacated. Old jerk is stuck. Woman buying gift cards is still working her way through them. Every public health official not affiliated with a state government says masking is going to be necessary beyond when people are vaccinated. Not just Fauci. In fact, there are republican states calling the decision to remove masking requirements right now a mistake. You make it sound like Fauci is a lone voice in the wilderness with most calling for no masking which is a lie. Yes, even before. What the hell is Harry doing. Is he on some sort of mission to avenge Diana, she would not be happy with him at all. He must have seen the headlines today, how vicious to let this state of affairs unfold. Meghan simply can’t be allowed to Swanny about with any form of royal title attached to her. I saw on their headed notepaper it still states HRH Meghan Duchess of Sussex. I could imagine Prince Phillip flying out from his hospital bed and telling her the truth if it was the last thing he did.

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Harry, you have been fooled by encouragement from Meghan this is all about Diana and proving a point, guess what, it’s all about Meghan. I am an Australian. When I first went to Spain I came from Andorra and did not have a vehicle permit for my car so I decided to enter Spain on foot as I could do so. I was in Spain for less than 10 minutes, I could have stayed longer if I had wanted but after my brief sojourn I returned to Andorra and continued my journey. The Palace, along with the world, knew Meghan was chewing through staff, since twenty-one people with stellar work records and resumes or CVs quit in less than eighteen months. However, the Palace wanted Harry’s marriage with Meghan to work, so they didn’t want to release negative stories about humiliated employees of the new duchess. The Queen and those men in grey suits actually protected Meghan’s reputation and made her look as good as possible in spite of realties.


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