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Can we volunteer do it ourselves, will it be good to us, our mental health. Jesus, give us light and peace and strength so it is taxpayer who did the murder now. Because the distinction should be made explicitly, else we will be condecending to their values and ethics.
Life long solitary confinement would be betterI don’t see why my, or anyone’s money (taxes) should be spent on the dregs of humanity that commit murders & rapes etc. I understand you % and I respect your position but these guys had to be executed, there was no other way. I struggle with the reality that I don’t believe in the death penalty vs the horror of their unforgivable crime against that poor woman.
Neither am I but I can’t say I’m happy they’re still sharing the same planet we are either. One was a juvenile at the time of the offender and served 3 years (maximum term allowed) in a juvenile prison before being freed. I stayed up just to cherish this moment, now I can go to sleep with a smile.
Should have been telecasted live to send a loud & clear message to such people, that this is the fate of such heinous crime. Delaying the trial put its psychological pressure on them long enough for them to feel just how damimi felt and to beg for mercy just like she did only to die in the end the same way they killed her. In india before, one man give slow death to the deliquent man who raped and killed his daughter.
Bro better late than never Dave Kelley, true justice in a case like this can never be served. Death penalty cases go through a longer appellate process because they involve more steps and trips to the courthouse than the average felony conviction. Property cases drag because lawyers from both rival parties usually prefer those cases to drag.
Not a case that drew international attention and had activists and the nation demanding justice. Not really, they had years to think about their fate, it’s more punishment than an immediate execution, in India this is not justice delayed. This case shouldn’t have dragged this long in a country like India, clearly bureaucracy.
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