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Official Spirk T-shirt

‘Starve or freeze to death’: Millions of elderly Brits fear a grim choice this winter as costs spiral By Kara Fox, Updated 1342 GMT (2142 HKT) August 31, 2022 A protester demonstrates outside Downing Street in January as the energy crisis spiraled. ( Business)When she first started to shed some weight, Yvonne DeBurgo quipped that she could afford to lose it. But over the past three months, the 77-year-old widow from the southern English county of Oxfordshire has lost nearly 25 pounds, a result of eating just one cooked meal a day — with just a piece of fruit or a sandwich for dinner. DeBurgo lost the weight while trying to save money — a sobering manifestation of the country’s cataclysmic cost-of-living crisis, one that appears to have no end in sight. In July, inflation rose above 10% for the first time in 40 years, driven by the skyrocketing cost of energy, food and fuel. The Bank of England forecasts inflation will soar to 13% by the end of the year.

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Analysts say it could go even higher early next year. DeBurgo, who relies on her state pension and a supplementary Pension Credit benefit, says her grocery bills have already nearly doubled over the course of about a month, with the rising cost of fuel even more worrying for her winter energy bills. “I don’t want to end up, like, skeletal… eventually it’s gonna have to stop. But whether I’ll be able to afford to eat by then, I don’t know,” she told in a phone interview. Vvonne DeBurgo, 77, says the government has “no clue what it’s like to live on the amount of money I have to live on in a week.” The average British household will see its annual energy bill rise to £3,549 (approximately $4,180) from October — a rise of £1,578 ($1,765), an 80% increase — after the country’s energy regulator raised the price cap last week. The price cap sets the maximum amount that energy suppliers can charge for each unit of energy and gas. It’s a crisis

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