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Prince Andrew has few ways to rebuild his reputation; one of the Save rescue recycle plant clean care shirt being to devote himself 100% of the time to charity work, particulalry for the most disadvantaged. He has always done some charity work, as all Royals do, but he should do far more of it and be very ‘hands on’. Keep in mind that the ETF Developers goal is to profit from the sale of their ETFs. They can close the ETF and sell all the assets (if there are assets) in the trust. Then distribute the monies to the investors that were holding at the time of the dissolution. Unfortunately, not common enough. Although two data points don’t allow for reliable conclusions about anything, I’m sure your friend must have been in many other situations throughout his life in which he was presented with powerful evidence that god didn’t exist. The Covid deaths were just the frosting on the cake. More people should examine evidence and think critically. She introduced my to the waiter, the head waiter and the wine waiter. She then had the wine waiter instruct me in the correct way to order wine, to inspect that the bottle which arrived was the correct one and then to taste and comment on the quality of the wine when a sample was poured (for the person who ordered it).

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You shouldn’t reject a wine simply because you don’t like the taste (as it varies by vintage anyway), but if it is tainted and all agree, then you’re right to reject it. If you want to be proud of something Britain did, why wouldn’t you choose a healthcare system which has become a model for the world, adopted by all developed countries other than the United States, and a large number of the rest of the world? I worked in a pretty bad neighborhood and always carried my Glock 9mm in my vehicle. He pulls me over for minor speeding, like less than 5 mph over the limit, and I immediately do the right thing and tell him there is a weapon in the vehicle. He takes it so he can secure it during the traffic stop, which is usually no big deal. I had just bought the van I was driving to work and hadn’t had a chance to get it registered in my name (I bought it that day and, at the time, worked 0300–1100). He keeps giving me attitude about who the van belongs to and why isn’t it in my name. I was like, “look, I know this van hasn’t been reported as stolen and I know the guy I bought it from, what’s your problem?”

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