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But by then, the Criminal Minds book signatures shirt moreover I love this damage was done. As the ESPN announcers explained, tennis rules make it clear that when a ball that is struck in anger, and then hits anyone else in the vicinity of the court, it was almost immediate cause for immediate disqualification, which the umpire and judges seemed to be explaining to Djokovic at great length at net, while Carreño Busta sat in his chair, a towel around his neck. Meanwhile, ESPN continue to replay the moment, and viewers could hear the woman’s cry of pain and then what seemed to be her gasping for breath, as the ball made contact with her and she fell to the ground. The announcers, Darren Cahill and James Blake, along with studio hosts Renee Stubbs and Brad Gilbert, all former players, predicted that Djokovic would be disqualified, citing the precedents set in the past, like John McEnroe being ousted from the Australian Open and Tim Henman from Wimbledon for similar incidents.

Criminal Minds book signatures shirt

Finally, after a delay of about 15 minutes, the Criminal Minds book signatures shirt moreover I love this verdict was delivered: Djokovic was out. The Serbian player, walked over to Carreño Busta, briefly shook his hand, and then grabbed his equipment bag and left the court. Minutes later, cameras showed him getting into his car in the US Open parking, and making his way home, skipping the mandatory press conference.

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