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Corona diet” jokes may seem like an innocent attempt to cope with our current reality via humor, but according to Nina*, a 30-year-old eating disorder sufferer, they can have a lasting impact on those grappling with food issues. Suddenly there’s casual fatphobia everywhere—like, if you eat all your ‘quarantine snacks’ are you really saying the Notorious RBG Crown Vintage Shirt Besides,I will do this worst thing that’s going to happen to you is running out of snacks?” Nina asked. “I have a suspicion the ‘joke’ is that you’re afraid of weight gain, which…that’s not the worst thing that could happen to you in this climate by a mile, and it’s so disheartening that people still think it is. Certified health coach and emotional eating expert Isabel Foxen Duke echoed Friedlander’s concerns about self-isolation re-triggering eating disorder sufferers, explaining, “Eating disorders are highly related to stress and anxiety. They’re control issues; it’s all about control. Twenty-seven-year-old eating disorder sufferer Ellie* noted that she’s struggling with exactly that loss of control right now: “The nature of quarantine is itself an E.D. mindset: You are, essentially, forced to ration food. Compound that with a fear that even those without disordered eating are facing right now—the fear that there won’t be food left on the shelves in a week—and you’ve essentially exacerbated the most basic anxieties of people with any E.D.”

Notorious RBG Crown Vintage Shirt


Foxen Duke, the Notorious RBG Crown Vintage Shirt Besides,I will do this founder of Stop Fighting Food, also pointed out that the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 will pose new challenges for mental health care recipients and providers. “The economy is tanking, which will disable many resources [for those who suffer from eating disorders]. I’m already seeing people saying, ‘I just lost 25% of my money overnight, my business has closed down.’ Online therapy is a bit of an adjustment, but it’s the least of our problems when you look at people losing access to care altogether.”

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