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Some of our Nowadays family are in an incredibly vulnerable place,” Carter says. “There are about 60 people who rely on us in some way for regular income, and so as we’ve been figuring out who’s getting what money, we’ve been prioritizing marginalized groups. As a business, nightlife tends to attract a lot of people from marginalized communities—generally speaking, it’s a very accepting place and a very welcoming place, and we’ve always made a point of being a safer space specifically to welcome those people—we’ve got a lot of trans people on our staff, a lot of people of color on our staff, a lot of queer people on our staff. And some of them are in vulnerable states. And it’s been just amazing to see people basically saying, ‘Here’s some money for your staff.’ We’ve raised a decent amount to help them out and a little bit to try to offset our expenses—but of course, we’re still far short of where we need to be.”

BE An Upstander Shirt


What began as live solo sessions from the BE An Upstander Shirt Additionally,I will love this Nowadays space have since—for safety reasons in our social distancing moment—moved to DJs’ homes (though, for the record, the lights are still on and Nowadays’ trademark plants are still being watered—you’ll see the space on the streams layered with video of working DJs). New schedules for the week are posted on the Nowadays Instagram each Monday.

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