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That brought them to the Premium chase elliott hendrick motorsports winner signature shirt Apart from…,I will love this idea of this book. Video has become fashion’s go-to means of communication in this COVID-19 year; fashion weeks became digital fashion weeks and brands are launching TikToks. Hernandez and McCollough’s insistence on the analog stands in contrast to all that, yet feels of a piece with their yearslong embrace of craft and handwork. There are decorative treatments for both night and day here; allover sequins cover a straight-line shirtdress, and the shoulders of a button-down shirt and waistline of button-fly trousers are graphically dip-dyed. But the big story is really the attitude adjustment; without being boring the clothes feel simpler than what they’ve put on their recent runways.They emphasized easy-to-wear ribbed-knit separates and dresses, and stripped any artifice from their tailoring, which is just slightly oversized and mannish save for the suits’ soft pastel colors. Putting the accent on silhouette, they made a dress with a choker collar, a cut-out asymmetrical neckline, and voluminous sleeves, then cut the drama with puffy slippers. Those flat shoes are a key to the season’s new mood, a timely nod to our more circumscribed lifestyles and the renewed value that women are placing on comfort. It’s looking more and more like we’ll be staying homebound well into 2021. The collection’s knockout dress in stretch jersey with circular cut-outs on the bodice will be similarly comfortable, but the reason that women will really respond to it is because it looks like a guaranteed good time. Who isn’t craving that?Sophia Narrett’s are not your typical tapestries. First of all, they’re not tapestries; the textile artist does not weave, but embroider, layering thread upon stitch to create shapes and shades that coalesce into a dazzling narrative. Secondly, there’s the subject matter—highly erotic vignettes that would make artisans of the historic Parisian tapestry house Gobelins clutch their pearls.A selection of her most recent works will be exhibited at Los Angeles’s Kohn Gallery in Narrett’s first solo show, on view from November 13 through December 15. The show is called “Soul Kiss,” and as Narrett explains, the title is as evocative as the works included. “It’s another phrase for French kissing or kissing with tongue. I hadn’t really been aware of it as a phrase, but I heard it and I loved the meaning. It also represents this idea of a deep connection, and how two human spirits might interact. My work has always been about love and love as an experience that can be transcendent,” says the artist. “The title also implies something more universal, a collective human experience through connection with another person.”

Premium chase elliott hendrick motorsports winner signature shirt

Born in Concord, Massachusetts, she was first introduced to art by way of her grandmother, an artist with a penchant for re-creating works by Marc Chagall. Narrett would go on to study painting, but an encounter just before graduate school (she earned her MFA at the Premium chase elliott hendrick motorsports winner signature shirt Apart from…,I will love this Rhode Island School of Design) solidified her future in textiles.“The most intense experience that I’ve had with a tapestry was seeing The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries in Paris,” she says. (The beguiling Flemish series, six wall hangings now under the care of the Musée de Cluny, date to the 16th century. Each is understood as an allegory for the five senses, with the last, mysterious tapestry devoted to love and earthly pleasures.) “I remember standing in front of them, feeling like they were just imbued with the human spirit,” Narrett continues. “They were these incredible, magical objects, embodying and describing desire. When I saw them, I had been working in embroidery for a little over two years. They really helped me understand why textiles felt so right for me to explore my own ideas of desire.”

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