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Music is Ditte Reffstrup’s constant muse, and her new resort collection delivers all the rock-and-roll attitude Ganni girls expect but with a difference. The designer stepped a bit out of her comfort zone with the concept for this offering. Called I’ll Be Your Mirror, it is the result of Reffstrup’s exploration of selfie culture. “I’m from this generation where photographing yourself is not something [you] do, and I feel like people have a second persona [online], and I wanted to explore that,” she said on a Zoom call. “Also coming out of the pandemic, I think a lot of people have literally used the time to get to know themselves a little bit better.” Reffstrup teamed up with the Norwegian photographer Jacqueline Landvik for the look book, which featured mirrors. The most selfie-worthy look in the collection is an angular denim suit in the form of a fitted jacket and roomy cargo pants. An asymmetrical wrap miniskirt kept the geometry story going, as did a smart khaki coat that could be styled different ways. The designer says that her collections reflect Copenhagen’s street style. The Danes love a suit, and this season Ganni’s have a bit of ’80s flair, something that’s cropping up with increasing frequency across the board. Safety-orange workwear felt like a bit of an outlier here; in contrast, a lone floral dress with coordinating fabric shoes felt like a more grown-up, less boho take on the Ganni girl look that put the brand on the map. I started to notice it on Sundays. Over the years, during those lazy weekend days, I’d throw on clothes to walk around the block to the bodega or to grab a midday coffee only to get to the front door and notice that my boyfriend and I were in matching outfits. Sometimes, these twinning moments made us laugh. Sometimes, they sent us back into our apartment so that one of us could change. I always blamed it on the day, since Sunday is in fact all about ease. As far as fashion is concerned, it’s a day to lean into hoodies and Converse. But it isn’t just that Sunday’s are sartorially more casual or more unisex leaning, in terms of outfits. It was also the day that my boyfriend and I had been around each for a full 24-hours. When it came to our schedules for the rest of the week, we were both likely to be out and about on our own at work, with friends, or running around, but we always treasured our weekends spent together. Fast-forward to 2022. Not only have the last 12 months equated to one long casual day thanks to quarantines, work from home, and countless cozy options, but it’s also led to quite a lot of time that my boyfriend and I have spent hunkered down together. It’s true that I’ve always been a bit of style sponge. I’m incredibly influenced by my uber-stylish coworkers, well-heeled friends, and New York City’s vibrant, eclectic inhabitants. While I still do get to admire what my coworkers wear from the top up via Zoom, I can’t help but miss the full look. I also find myself yearning for those unexpected styling tricks found on Manhattan’s subways or wracking my fashion-heavy brain when I see an amazing garment on a man or woman walking down the street that I want to track down for myself. That said, I think I’ve turned my Netflix habit into its own form of style stalking too, whether I’m focusing on Queen Elizabeth’s bag in The Crown or wanting to copy the sweater sets of C.J. Cregg and Donna Moss as I rewatch The West Wing. Primarily, though, I’m here with my partner of 7 years who has gone from boyfriend to roommate, co-working space-sharer, sous chef and so much more. As fall turned to winter, I began to notice how similar our clothing has become day-to-day, not just on Sundays. Our shared closet is no longer just a space but a wardrobe filled with our favorite unisex clothing and now, as we shop for new things, we often talk about how articles of clothing will work for us both, like the softest, relaxed fit white t-shirts, the best tracksuits, or a restocked collection of Uniqlo’s Heattech. Is sharing caring? While we initially fought against these sartorial synergies, we’ve both decided to lean in to what now seems inevitable, and I really can’t recommend it enough. Gone are the days of buying boyfriend-like button downs for me as I say yes to shirting that works for us both.

Rings over lambos shirt

Looking forward to 2022, I for one am ready to lean into a minimal wardrobe of fashion-forward essentials. Sharing basics everyday makes sense. I want to “simplify my life,” as my grandmother used to say. Luckily for us all, the rise of well-made, unisex clothing is making it easy to invest in these wardrobe building blocks that work for anyone and everyone. Whether you have a partner you are ready to closet-share with or are buying for one, I highly recommend perusing these forever picks. And trust me, there are plenty of ways to put your own sartorial stamp on these items. Personalize your pairings and fit to chart your own path with each individual piece. For example, I love an oversized polo knit with a slip dress while my partner prefers his polo regular-fit with jeans. Knowing us, though, we might still both end up wearing these looks with beat-up Converse. Toward the end of what we’ll call a grueling Super Thursday at Paris’s men’s shows, designer Isabel Marant was the radiant pep talk personified needed to get back into the game. From within her multi-floor studio, many were commenting on the somewhat unexpected hecticness of the prior eight or so hours. But she, and her Spring menswear collection, lent the marathon a second wind. Basically, and at this point it pretty much goes without saying, Marant really does have a knack for making clothes that people—now very much including men—want to throw (and leave) on. “Most of us,” she said, “we just dress in a good pair of jeans, a good sweatshirt or sweater. We don’t want to pull our hair out over it.” Her collection, she said, had a twang of a “Cabo-ish, ’80’s feeling, as well as a bit of Americana.” The latter point was seen in patchwork, sun-faded-effect denim jeans and shirting. The former? In lustrous short-sleeve button-downs, and an ornately decorated blue-on-white tunic. There was additionally a clear athleticism, like with a zipped hoodie, color-blocked in washed purple and pink and red, and a simple marant text motif surrounded by lines that reminded of retro corporate design. “The thing,” she added, “is to hope to be doing something right at the end of the day.” At the end of a long day, right she did. Maybe you were still in the womb, or dazed and confused on your liberal college campus, when **Alanis Morissette’**s “Ironic” sent a philosophy-infused shockwave through radios on February 27, 1996. It was then the world tuned in to a 21-year-old Morissette singing her catchy, strummy, and eternally poignant single “Ironic.” As for the classic chime-in song’s music video, it showed four versions of the singer on a frosty day in quintessential slouchy mid-nineties looks of embracing, warm tones. “I was praying for coziness, warmth, and a lot of color. It had snowed that whole early morning and it was blistering,” says Morissette of the day the video was shot. “I am always moved by incredible colors—rich, muted, and what they can tell us about where we are at in any given moment. I pull color therapy cards a lot.” And the free-spirited sequences were nothing short of carefree wisps of breathtaking moments: four Alanises, or four free spirits, in one car in a constantly revolving primary color wheel. The clothes weren’t merely cool outfits, but symbolic costumes that reflected the personalities of each character. The driver, clutching a champagne leather steering wheel, in a red knit beanie and a multi-dyed scarf, was the one most in control. “[She was] the most encumbered by her having to helm and oversee and guard the other girls while she drove. We called her ‘the responsible one,’ ” says Morissette. “The driver is too busy to worry [about her hair] and was wearing a hat.” There was the spunky character, who Morissette refers to as the “quirkster,” also in a sweater—this time bright yellow—with a crown of long swaying braids. “[She was] very present and animated and unselfconscious. I loved the braids and would often wear them onstage.” And as for the third one (the wild one, to be precise) who sat shotgun and hung out of the window, she donned a deep red sweater and pajama-type pants. “The passenger-seat girl is the romantic—wistful and thoughtful and also the risk-taker. She would be the first to skinny dip and the first to jump off a rock,” says Morissette. “But she is thoughtful, so of course she would make sure the water was deep enough first.” And as for the version of Alanis who is head-banging in the backseat and donning a green sweater? “The girl in green feels the most like the ‘whole me,'” the singer says. “The green sweater girl—fun and frolic-y. [She] gets into trouble—she’s the girl you want with you when you are heading to a water park.” Nineteen years later, we’d gladly wear Morissette’s green sweater and get into trouble with her—and there is nothing ironic about that—it’s iconic. “I wanted to add a little sparkle to this evening,” says Olivia Palermo. The Banana Republic global style ambassador is shimmering from top to toe in a metallic sweater and a matching accordion-pleat skirt from the new Spring 2022 collection at the Soho store in New York. Peeking out of her Givenchy brogue booties are burgundy-glitter tights that appear as if they have been cut from the same Lurex cloth as her outfit, though Palermo will later explain the hosiery predates her tenure with the retailer. Since joining the team last September, Palermo has curated a section of Banana Republic’s website with a monthly edit of her favorite pieces. Now Palermo is expanding her role with the launch of three new pop-up shops located in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco stores, featuring a mix of both Banana Republic and third-party fashion and lifestyle finds, all of which have been handpicked by her. When doors opened on February 9, the pop-ups offered a peek inside Palermo’s universe. While the modern interiors reflect her design aesthetic, select labels on offer had been culled from her very own inner circle. “There are some great designers, like Jemma Wynne, whom I’ve known before they even started their collections,” Palermo said. “With the space, keeping it very light and cozy is sometimes best, because you can highlight the clothes a little bit more.” To further punctuate the setting, Palermo worked with the Staley-Wise Gallery in New York on a selection of photographs that are more than purely decorative; they’re up for sale. “It was about taking a very home feel and taking great basics and color—which is very important in how I get ready and get dressed—even if it’s not through clothes,” Palermo said. Her maltese, Mr. Butler (who for his part, was on the scene sporting a tangerine cable-knit sweater and lead) felt at home, too, thanks to a posh dog bed in the corner. “Butler is represented in most things that I do, and he always likes to leaves his stamps when he enters a room,” Palermo said. “We just figured that he would have his own little world.” It’s no wonder than that Palermo’s favorite pieces in the pop-up shop (besides the Banana Republic cashmere goodies, which she says she “absolutely loves”), are the ones she turns to on a regular basis. “The [Tumi] Erin weekender is fantastic,” she said. “It’s something that’s part of my life and that I use all the time, and the same thing with Smythson and Rimowa.” Palermo’s rolling Rimowa suitcase is going to get more mileage on the Fall 2022 show circuit. “I’m not one for athleisure in the airport,” Palermo said. “I think you should be polished . . . but practical.” Moreover, her approach to Fashion Week dressing is similar to the way she designed the pop-up shops with a mix of transformative pieces anchored by tried-and-true staples. “It’s important to try different variations of things, but remain true to your own sense of style,” Palermo said. “And always have a statement coat.” Given that Palermo will be stepping into a designer role in creating a Fall 2022 capsule collection for the brand, to be shown next September, we expect she’ll have outerwear fully covered.

Rings over lambos s Hoodie

When I speak with Jane Goodall, she’s stationed in her childhood home in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England, where she’s spent the last seven months since the start of the pandemic. “I’m up in a little room in the attic that we actually had converted,” she explains, wearing a coral-color sweater with a pendant of Africa hanging from a cord around her neck, her silver hair pulled back into its signature ponytail. “It used to be just an attic with spiders. Now we’ve made a little bit of place for me.” Here, the famed ethologist and conservationist, who first stepped into Tanzania’s Gombe National Park to observe chimpanzees just more than 60 years ago, has been tucked away, hard at work, broadcasting her mission to millions of viewers across the globe, as well as putting the finishing touches on her new collaboration with the wellness brand Forest Remedies: a kit of four essential oils—ginger and ylang ylang from Madagascar, citronella from Togo, and frankincense from Somaliland—of which a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute. “The more that we can provide people with products that they want to use that are produced in a sustainable way, the better,” she says. Here, Goodall sounds off on the simple steps that we should all take to save the planet, as well as her signature hair accessory—and where to find it (well, sort of). When I was first grounded, I was frustrated and angry because, you know, [I’m usually] traveling 300 days, going to different countries, meeting different people, trying to give them hope…and then suddenly I’m stuck here. But then together with my little team, we created a virtual Jane. The virtual Jane is about three times busier than the Jane who used to travel…giving a lecture to an auditorium with thousands of people, and a buzz and the excitement is very different. Now, I have to give a lecture looking at this stupid little spot of green on the top of my laptop, and it’s not the same, but we created this virtual Jane and the advantage is I’ve reached—I said hundreds of thousands the other day and someone corrected me and said, “No, no, no, no it’s millions”—millions more people, and managed to reach a message into many, many more countries from a spot here. That’s the silver lining. In addition to being on your computer much more than you’re used to, how else have you been spending your time? Well [I’m] mostly just up here with the laptop or writing articles, op-ed pieces…a few telephone calls, the old-fashioned kind, you know, you put a thing to your ear and speak into it—and it’s a landline, by the way. [One of] the two little breaks I get in the day is at lunchtime when I take the ancient dog for a short walk—he won’t go any further—and then I sit down at the tree I used to climb as a child that I called Beech. He’s a beech tree. He’s too big for me to climb now, but I eat my piece of toast, cheese, [and] a couple of tomatoes underneath Beech, and everyday I’m visited by a robin, the English robin. He sings to me, I sing to him…. Not always, but sometimes he’ll go up in the tree and really serenade.… It’s friendship. I love it. And it sounds like you’ve been busy with your partnership with Forest Remedies as well. Can you tell me a little bit about that? It is very exciting. These four essential oils [frankincense, citronella, ginger, and ylang-ylang] were just sent to me in a biodegradable sustainable package. I’m fascinated by frankincense because it makes me think of Christmas. Frankincense do offer have I. Frankincense goes back, wow…I wrote about it when I did Seeds of Hope.… I haven’t really used them yet. My niece used them. She is so excited. She said, “Jane, I’m going to buy you.…” What is it? A dispenser or something that you put the oil in and it scents the room and gives you this peaceful feeling, or stimulates you. I imagine the ginger stimulates you. What I love about this—and the [forthcoming] hand sanitizer and toilet paper—is they’re environmentally sustainable, they aren’t harming the environment, and they’re bringing pleasure to many, many people, so it’s I think a very exciting relationship.

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