Proud texas neanderthal forward thinking since 430,000 b.c. shirt

My front door is now unlocked. I start freaking Proud texas neanderthal forward thinking since 430,000 b.c. shirt, wake everyone in the house screaming that this girl, we’ll call her Carley, is gone! I ask my kid if she’d seen her. Yes, she saw her before they fell asleep. We search and search, inside and outside. Fast forward about ten years. We do a home exchange, and end up spending about two months in Barcelona. Fortunately, either the food changed or I changed, so I was no longer a pneumatic fart machine. Fortunately, we were not far from home. No sooner did I clean up and emerge from the bathroom, that she had the urgent need as well. There followed ten days of us basically spewing effluent from any and every orifice, with only each other as company. Although we had been married ten years at that point. Because she was so weak, it took her another six weeks to be able to walk up the six steps needed to get into our house.

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