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Because Disney didn’t do anything. I Stay home and watch Disney movie T-shirt know people love to cry Disney Disney when they complain, but don allow them to trick you. Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm respectively operate the MCU and Star Wars. Disney doesn’t have micromanage as much as those who hate them want. However, the biggest reason is that Marvel and Star Wars are very different beasts. Most importantly, the MCU has comics as the basis.

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While Star Wars is made from scratch (no, the EU doesn’t count because Lucas told them that he didn’t consider it a classic, not to mention that they were ready to slowly take some of the Stay home and watch Disney movie T-shirt best parts by any means). Indian telecom superstar, Reliance Jio has partnered with Star India and is currently offering free premium membership to the Hotstar movie app through JioTV. This will bring a vast catalog of Star TV channels along with exclusive Americal TV and film programs for Jio customers.

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Disney + Hotstar is one of India’s largest premium video streaming platforms. The Stay home and watch Disney movie T-shirt app offers both free and premium video content, including 50,000 hours of TV and movie content in 8 languages. Disney + Hotstar premium subscription costs Rs 199 per month, bringing all of the latest and exclusive US TV shows like ‘Game of Thrones, and the latest movies after they air in the US . JioTV is a streaming service application that provides access to more than 300 TV channels including 42 HD channels across languages ​​and genres.

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On this application, a person can stream TV channels and watch episodes of TV shows, which have been broadcast for the Stay home and watch Disney movie T-shirt past 7 days. This partnership will bring Reliance Jio customers who have signed up for JioTV services to gain free direct access to Hotstar premium members. This, in turn, gives Jio customers access to all Star TV channels, other exclusive US TV shows and free movies. Apple is by far a billionaire company because access to phones is easier than amusement parks, movies, and Disney TVs.