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If you fight the Siberian Tiger and the brown bear ussuri. The Free Joe Exotic Tiger Shirt tiger will win this. If it’s between the Siberian Tiger Vs. Alaskan Brown bears, then I’m not sure if Tiger wins. Because Siberian tigers are not the biggest tigers. However, a better fight is between the Bengal tiger and the grizzly bear. Because Tiger Tiger is very aggressive and will not give up. Adult male tigers can weigh up to 800 lbs.

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Tiger tigers are known to kill prey 5 times more than their size. There are numerous records of Tiger killing adult elephants and rhinos, both from official websites. It is stronger and heavier than a Grizzly, and also has a great boost compared to Grizzly. First, tigers are not cowards as some say, they are known to drive away adult male elephants. Every animal is afraid of Tiger because they know they are the Free Joe Exotic Tiger Shirt ultimate killing machine.

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A swipe from a tiger can crush a cow’s skull, a swipe from a Tiger can fracture the Free Joe Exotic Tiger Shirt backbone of a lazy bear. They can kill anything in their habitat including crocodiles. On the other hand, Grizzly is a garbage collector rather than a hunter. Grizzlies are very intelligent because they are not at risk of hunting adult bison, they only hunt calves or later they prefer to pick up food from smaller predators like pumas and wolves.

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However, he is equipped with giant claws and jaws 6 inches. I agree that the Free Joe Exotic Tiger Shirt gray bear or any brown bear is stiffer and has a thicker layer of fat, thick fur, biting at 1200 PSI and a powerful swipe that can tear the deer’s body. But that doesn’t work on a tiger, because it has fangs 4 inches long, sharp claws 3 inches and very agile. The largest male ever recorded weighs 857 lbs in the wild. They can reach up to 900 lbs in captivity but they are considered to be fat cats.