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I L O V E koalas – my Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla shirt dream is to work at Koala Hospital in (Melbourne? I can’t remember) but I suffer from an aneurysm on my right. Before that happened, when I was VERY pregnant with my son, the San Francisco Zoo organized an annual “koala breakfast” for members of the Koala Club. People who keep koalas recognize me from previous years; they know I’m a “koala fanatic” -I wear all the “koala” I own. After the meeting, breakfast and the latest show of koalas, one of the guards cast me aside and said.

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“There is a koalas ready to go to bed, do you want to carry it? usually don’t do this, but I know it’s one of your dreams. “(something like that) Well, we went to the back of the enclosure, and WOW !! I was very nervous! I was amazed at the Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla shirt stiffness of the muscles below all that soft fur. It goes without saying that made my day, month, year, life. My husband at that time filmed a video on the camera. My dream came true! It has been a great experience since I CRAZY about koalas.

I suffer From OKD Koala tank top
tank top
I suffer From OKD Koala long sleeve
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Unfortunately, a moment later I was paralyzed. Experience is one thing I will NOT forget! I had someone say that was once in my life. Once you have tasted Koala, you will be sure that for the rest of your life, you will never have to repeat the Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla shirt experience, even if it means starving. The recipe to cook a Koala is to dig a pit of fire in the ground. Add dry wood to the pit, then ignite and burn. While this is happening, catch a Koala and kill it with a large river rock.

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I suffer From OKD Koala sweater
I suffer From OKD Koala hoodie

Bring Koala and kick back to the Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla shirt fire pit. Gut Koala, but leave feathers. When the fire in the pit has been reduced to charcoal, place some fresh chewing gum leaves on the charcoal and drop Koala into the pit at the top of the leaf. Drop the stone next to Koala. Cover with many leaves. After an hour discovered the stone and poked it with a long stick to assess its softness. If the stone is not soft enough.

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