Penguinteepremium – Who needs Santa when I have Mummu Shirt

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At the Who needs Santa when I have Mummu Shirt Additionally,I will love this event—led by Awet Woldegebriel, the officer of philanthropy and strategic partnerships for the U.S. fund for UNICEF U.N.—the women each read their poems aloud to a small, socially distanced audience and to all those who tuned into La Ligne’s Instagram Live. The readings were followed by an acoustic music performance by John Forté, and there were also La Ligne–staff–led stations where visitors could register to vote. The label included a donation link in their IG Live stream in support of the LESGC, and they’ll also be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their popular Lean Lines tee to the organization. As the cofounder and chief marketing officer Meredith Melling explains, “With the industry as a whole rethinking what NYFW should look like, La Ligne too has been thinking about what our role in it could be.” She adds, “We have historically never participated in NYFW, however we wanted to take this moment to give voice to these poems presented by the authors themselves.”  Melling also believes that this is “an important step for us to further our commitment as a brand to combat racism.”

Who needs Santa when I have Mummu Shirt

Woldegebriel agrees and is grateful for La Ligne’s awareness and commitment, especially because they are such a well-known luxury fashion label. As he notes, “fashion brands love Black and brown culture, but not Black and brown bodies. Twenty-twenty is a year of reckoning for many of these brands that have profited off of Black culture and Black identity but never bother to create an inclusive and equitable workplace by hiring practices.” Woldegebriel is encouraged by what he’s been seeing lately, however, especially when it comes to La Ligne’s efforts. “The fashion industry has never been inclusive as a whole,” he says. “However, when brands like La Ligne choose to use their power, influence, and means to promote conversations around inclusivity and to pivot away from industry norms, I know change is within range.”

Who needs Santa when I have Mummu Shirt Hoodie

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