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While Moosvi has somewhat of a flippant attitude toward his work—which makes him and his designs incredibly fun—there’s genuine effort. There’s an XXL tote bag, described as “cool and big like Telfar,” with custom illustrations by his friend Acacio Ortas showing cartoons of what Moosvi describes as a “weirdo army with superhero powers.” The details are indicative of Moosvi’s designs: off the Wap Witches And Potions Shirt Also,I will get this cuff and random, but also incredibly thoughtful. The collection serves as a stepping-stone for Moosvi, who has been redefining his aesthetic from bootlegs to real-deal clothes. “I have a lot of cool stuff in the works.” Stay tuned for more “potato-ing” to come.

Wap Witches And Potions Shirt

Yesterday marked the Wap Witches And Potions Shirt Also,I will get this end of an unprecedented New York Fashion Week. Many brands opted out of showing entirely while others seized the moment by publicly encouraging action, whether it was surrounding voting, climate change, or the social-justice movement. One such label was the local luxury-essentials brand La Ligne. In fact, they’ve actually never participated in New York Fashion Week before but felt strongly that they needed to use their platform to help amplify other voices. Last night, La Ligne hosted an outdoor poetry reading at La Plaza Cultural with youth organization the Lower Eastside Girls Club, which they have been working with for the past three years, as well as four of the LESGC’s alumni, Aicha Sacko, Hawa Sall, Kaylyne Cruz, and Shandra Rogers. Back in June, each woman wrote a poem expressing her feelings just after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. La Ligne used their words on billboards that hung outside of the brand’s Madison Avenue flagship store throughout the summer.

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